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Committed to the Highest Standards of Excellence

Our flavoring experience began with traditional tobacco flavorings. Fifty years later, eLiquiTech is using that experience to become the premier manufacturer of premium e-juice around the world.

Hundreds of manufacturers may claim to be the best, but before you put your brand on that label make sure you choose a partner you can trust. eLiquitech, will provide you with the highest integrity product using cGMP-compliant practices. We are ISO 8 Certified and rigorously adhere to the evolving in-country regulations to protect our hundreds of clients worldwide.

Our 22,000 square feet facility is state-of-the-art and features:

  • cGMP/HACCP compliant
  • Geothermal HVAC system
  • ISO 8:100,000 HEPA HVAC design
  • Clean rooms with air-locks and barometric pressure partitioning
  • Completely auditable facility, security accessible for visitors and inspectors
  • Highest quality cartomizing, bottling, and closed tank systems

Tour Our Facilities

eLiquiTech is located in a region steeped with tobacco heritage; Maryland, USA, with a facility that is over 22,000 square feet and designed to meet or exceed evolving regulations worldwide. We set the bar on cGMPs featuring the highest quality cartomizing, bottling, and closed tank filling.

Featuring a custom-designed, fully automated Rockwell system that keeps over 500 manufacturing quality-control data points per batch, we offer the only e-liquid made in the USA. eLiquiTech’s state-of-the-industry, full-service facility is pharma-quality and sets the standard for everything e-liquid.

The eLiquiTech Advantage

For over fifty years, our parent company, TTI has served as the leading tobacco flavoring firm producing high-quality flavors for shisha, cigars, snus, and cigarettes.

With the rise in popularity of vaping and e-cigarettes, eLiquiTech was born with the sole focus to create innovative signature e-liquids while adhering to the highest quality industry standards.

As the premier e-liquids manufacturer in the USA, we help existing tobacco manufacturers embrace this growing marketplace, and propel emerging vape companies forward with customized, flavorful e-juices. We are a one-stop shop – from expert e-liquid flavoring to superior bottling.

Our commitment to you is to meet and exceed all worldwide regulations.



Flavors supported by exacting science.

While our flavor experts are world-renowned, our entire process is exemplary. From conception to R&D, compounding, cartomizing, closed tank filling, and bottling, eLiquiTech can handle all of your e-liquid needs, all under pharmaceutical cGMPs.

What’s more important are the rigorous quality controls we enforce using state-of-the-art technologies throughout the entire flavoring process. Our e-liquids are made without any Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl, Furfural, Acetaldehyde or Acetoin. And we offer USP/EP grade nicotine, manufactured in the US with US-sourced leaf available upon request.

We bring real value to our clients; finished goods are verified by an exacting quality assurance team for acceptance – making sure that your product is consistent every time.



There’s inspiration in our creation.

Superior flavor experiences begin and end with our customers. Our teams listen to your ideas, and through research and technical expertise, collaborate with you to develop innovations in flavoring that give you the competitive edge you deserve.

Our specialty is fusing flavors together to create a unique taste experience. Interested in transitioning a signature flavor of traditional style tobacco to an e-liquid? Look no further.



Impeccable Standards.
Pushing Innovation.

We take pride in delivering the highest quality products to vapor businesses worldwide.

We are also the only e-liquid manufacturer utilizing Rockwell PharmaSuite, which automatically tracks production-relevant resources like raw material, equipment, and personnel with comprehensive electronic batch recording (ERB). This recording reinforces quality control testing all the way to the finished product.

Moreover, our expansive manufacturing facility is equipped to engineer e-liquid in a clean and contaminant-free environment and is fully automated under pharmaceutical cGMP conditions.

e-liquid Compounding Room
ISO 8:100,000

  • Rockwell PharmaSuite with over 500 quality retained data checkpoints per batch.
  • ANSI/ISA-88 standard for automated batch process control.
  • A qualified and verified Clean-In-Place (CIP) process system for each tank.
  • 3A sanitary, hygienic, electro-polished, sealed compounding vessels.
  • Compounding batch capacities from 20 to 1500 liters – all in closed tanks.



Nicotine Dilution Room
ISO 8:100,000

  • Rockwell PharmaSuite system ANSI/ISA-88 compliant.
  • 3A sanitary, hygienic, electro-polished, sealed diluting vessel.
  • Dedicated nicotine dilution room fully contained for safety.
  • All nicotine diluted in an Aragon gas sealed environment.
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) process.
  • Dilution capacity 2,100 liters per batch.

Superior Bottling
Handling & Capacity

  • Handles up to 250K units daily.
  • Five fully automated filling lines with speeds from 40 to 120 units/min.
  • Semi-automatic filling lines also available.
  • Capping, Thermal Sealing, Coding, Labeling, Shrink Wrap, Case Pack, Palletizing.
  • Comprehensive fulfillment services.

Every Bottle We Produce Comes With Our eGuarantee

Our e-Guarantee is a stamp of approval that reinforces these quality mandates. eLiquitech products are:

  • Created and produced in the USA under the strictest quality controls.
  • Manufactured in compliance with our internal standards of quality, developed over decades of tobacco flavoring heritage by our parent company, TTI.
  • Verifiably created in an ISO 8 certified Clean Room.
  • Made without any Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl, Furfural, Acetaldehyde or Acetoin.

With our eGuarantee, you can rest assured every product created for you meets the highest approved industry standards.

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Because no one flavors e-liquids better than we do.

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Because no one flavors e-liquids like we do.